See Kim's vibrant and textured oil paintings on canvas. Each painting is a direct expression of Kim's response to the world around her. Often she paints people doing ordinary tasks. Kim finds beauty in the mundane often unseen or even unappreciated moments. Kim often travels to find those treasured instances, photographs them and brings them to life on canvas. Each painting is a story told with a palette knife and brush and sometimes  fingers. Click on the painting to fully appreciate the textural application . 
Kim is only just now experimenting with oil and acrylic. Her first love is watercolor,  which she has been exploring for over 30 years.  With her paintings, Kim hopes to heal by  bringing the viewer back too their humanity, kindling a love for the simple. Kim uses humor and her experience with illustration to direct the narrative in her paintings. No subject is too sacred to explore, which makes Kim's work very personal.  Color and light take a secondary role in her paintings, but they are also vital.

Kim's paintings are for sale in the shop section of this website.