March 14, 2013

Learn how to make a stamp -This week, Regina Stark my teaching partner,

(I love this girl), taught the Intergenerational 

Class (teens and seniors) the art of Print Making.

  1. With Styrofoam veggie sheets we made our designs by drawing indention’s into the Styrofoam with pencil.  

  2. We cut our designs out and then glued them onto another larger styrofoam sheet to raise the design up from the surface.

  3. We placed a variety of printing ink colors on a large sheet of plexiglass and encouraged the students to use rollers to roll the ink onto their stamps.

  4. When they had thoroughly inked their designs they turned the stamp over onto a white piece of paper and pressed hard until the design transferred onto the paper.


Styrofoam Meat or Veggie Trays - 2 per person

Tacky Glue


plexiglass sheets 



white porous paper (approx. 10 sheets per person)

x-acto knife

Student's Stamps


  • They learned that too much ink created a m...

March 9, 2013

Make beautiful hearts from liquid watercolor paint-

Valentines Day is coming and I wanted to do something with hearts. This is a great easy project with high impact. You will need two watercolor papers per person. Using liquid pour watercolors, wet each paper and pour cool colors on one sheet and warm on the other sheet. Sprinkle salt on the freshly painted paper before it dries for an interesting effect. When completely dry, cut hearts out with special pattern scissors. Mount on the left over paper. You can use other peoples extra paper to make more than one level of hearts. I like to fold the hearts in half so that they are raised off the background a bit. Glue down the hearts by putting glue on the seam of the fold. You can also use mounting squares to raise the hearts off the background too.


watercolor paper

liquid pour watercolors


special edge scissors


mounting squares

Student Work

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