February 24, 2017

Upside Down Drawing Lesson-

When I teach drawing, I like to take a close up of a photo with lights and darks, turn it upside down and have the students draw what they see. This is always a successful lesson. The results are shockingly good.


Photo for copying

black paper the same size and shape as photo

white, black, orange, yellow, blue pastels


glue stick

colored paper for mounting


Cut black paper to same size as photo

Fold photo in half vertically and horizontally to get middle. Trace over folds with white chalk.

On black paper use ruler to find middle and mark with white chalk.

Have students turn photo upside down

Have students look at the negative space (the spaces that are not the animal, ie. background) and copy that shape onto the paper first.

Have them measure where the features are and color in.

Don't turn paper until finished.

Results of Upside Down Drawings (Done by 8 year old children)

Result of Upside Down Drawings (done by teens and seniors) 


  • The st...

February 16, 2017

make figures out of tin foil

February 15, 2017

Make Ballerinas inspired by Edgar Degas-

 This art activity is perfect for kids and seniors with alzheimer's disease. I wanted to find a figure activity and thought that Edgar Degas would be the perfect artist to showcase while making movable ballerinas. 


  • History on Degas to share with group

  • Template of ballerina on card stock

  • Scissors

  • Markers or colored pencil

  • Small 1/2" brads

  • Hole punch

  • Tacky Glue

  • Tissue paper


  1. Show photos of ballerinas observing the poses and colors.    

  2. Talk about Degas and his life 

  3. Pass out template of ballerina

  4. Have the students cut out ballerina body parts

  5. Punch holes through the black dots on template with hole punch.

  6. Place brads through holes to secure legs and arms

  7. Color  and decorate ballerina

  8. Add tissue paper tutu and head piece by pinching tissue on one end creating a fan shape. Glue right at skinny part at the waist.

  9. Talk about Degas' life wh...

February 14, 2017

 Make watercolor hearts fun and easy. I used coffee filters and watercolor pour paints to facilitate this exciting project. It is the perfect activity for people with alzheimer's disease. This project took about 1 1/2 hours including clean up.


  • Scissors

  • coffee filters (5) per person

  • Black Marker

  • Tacky glue

  • Pink and mint green construction paper ( the mint green contrast well with the pink hearts and is light enough to not over shadow the see through coffee filters). Make sure the green paper is slightly smaller than the pink so their is a nice pink border.

  • Copy Paper to put under hearts while painting

  • Liquid Watercolors

  • Paint brushes (size med/small to make sure they dont go too fast).

  • Plastic condiment cups with lids

  • Water marked H20 in cups not resembling drinking cups. One per person.


  1. Put 5 coffee filter together, fold in half and make a black line with permanent marker (photo a). Make sure you chang...

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