Cubist Portaits

November 1, 2013


Make a portrait based on cubist artist Picasso -Last week we toured the new Cuban Art & Identity Exhibit at the Vero Beach Museum.  The Cuban artists in the early 1900’s were inspired by Picasso’s Cubist Period and many works were painted with geometric shapes and bright colors.  I decided to have the students paint faces in the same style. They were to depict the face from more than one angle (side view/front view) and put the features where ever they wanted. We used permanent black marker to outline the drawing and then filled in the shapes with liquid watercolor. When they were completed I invited Ellyn Giordano, the museum art school registrar, to come and judge the work and pick the best one. She picked Morgan’s painting. Morgan was very pleased and earned  an extra cookie lovingly made by Joy Eakin, one of our senior participants. Below are their paintings. 



Watercolor paper 9" x 12"

#12 watercolor brushes



black marker

liquid watercolors

container filled with water

paper towels

small plastic condiment cups for watercolors


Student Work







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