Calligraphy Lesson

March 6, 2017


























Calligraphy Lesson for All Ages 

My good friend Carla came to my Intergenerational class to teach the art of Calligraphy. The seniors and teens loved it and did such a fantastic job. I decided to post this lesson so that I wouldn't forget how it was done.


Calligraphy Lesson


Two pencils taped together


Black fine permanent marker

Black Medium nib permanent marker


Colored Pencils

Bristol paper

Colored paper

glue sticks

Template of letters

Examples of Calligraphy



Practice copying a letter with the pencils

Keep the heel of your hand on the table at all times while resting the pencil in the cradle of your hand between your thumb and index finger.

Once you are confident, make a bigger letter of your choosing. 

Make a border on your bristol paper with tape.

Draw letter inside border.

Design the letter making improvements and decorative flourishes.

Color and mount on colored paper.



 Student Work



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