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Horse Sculptures inspired by Deborah Butterfield

Make Horse Sculptures from Wire - We are having an exhibit at the Vero Beach Museum of Art on Deborah Butterfield. It is a fantastic display of horses, larger than life made with metal scrap pieces and some bronze that resembles found wood pieces. The students were amazed at the way she assembled these pieces to make such beautiful sculptures.


  • Aluminum Wire

  • Needle Nose Pliers with Cutter

  • Horse Skeleton Template

  • Block of wood 10" x 4"

  • Wood Stain

  • Sander

  • Drill


  1. Cut 3 lengths of wire 24" long

  2. Place one of the wires over the skeleton of the horse and form the head.

  3. Twist wire to close head

  4. Form torso and bend tail

  5. Bend second wire in half and attach to torso where back legs attach

  6. Make a loop at each joint in horse leg (refer often to template)You should have two legs using the one wire.

  7. Attach third wire to front of torso where front legs begin on template.

  8. Loop at each joint. (the legs should be secure and not move from torso.

  9. Bend at feet and balance standing horse on surface.

  10. Cut more wire to bulk up the body. Start with legs using a pencil to make a smooth spiral up the leg.

  11. Cut more wire and use your hands thickness to wrap the torso.

  12. Cut more wire to bulk up the head and neck. Keep adding wire until the horse takes shape.

  13. The horse should be able to stand without assistance.

  14. Bend the horse to the pose you desire.

  15. Prepare platform for the horse. Sand wood block and finish with wood stain.

  16. Drill holes where feet touch the wood and attach wire from foot through hole and secure under wood block.


Make a horse first to gain knowledge of the procedure.

Help students often with attachment of legs to torso.

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