Witchy Craft Project

October 18, 2017




















How to make a Witchy Craft.

1. Make template with big black marker for face and nose on green card stock.

2. Precut nose slit with x-acto knife.

3. Make template for hat on purple paper

4. Have participants cut along black lines

5. Fold nose on dash line.

6. Slide nose through slit on face, tape down.

7. Glue face onto black card stock

8. Cut hair on horizontal, glue to face, crimp

9. Cut out hat , glue onto head 1/3 down

10. Glue googley eyes. 

11. Draw mouth with marker.

12. Embellish with markers and glitter.




Green card stock

Black card stock

Orange paper

purple paper

glue stick or tape

googley eyes









 Thoughts: This brought a smile to their faces, especially when the glitter came out. Glitter is magic to all ages. It helps to show the finished witch often as they forget what they are doing often during the process.


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