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Monet Bridge Project

I wanted to teach a little about Monet and have the participants remember by doing a version of his painting.


watercolor paper

liquid watercolors, blues and greens


oil pastel


water containers


1. Show the participants a photograph of Monet's bridge.

2. Ask questions about the painting to get them to pay attention to the details so that the painting process will be more meaningful.

3. Draw bridge on watercolor paper ahead of time in pencil.

4. Hand out paper and have them put their names on back

5. Hand out blue green oil pastel and have them trace over the bridge using pressure.

6. Take away blue oil pastel and replace with yellow, then pink

7. Have them make flowers below bridge in a variety of dots.

8. After they make their flowers apply blue and green watercolor.

9. Before the water dries apply salt immediately. Watch the magic.

Thoughts: Make sure to remove paint after they sprinkle salt. Going back into the painting with paint will ruin the salt effect.

I encourage the aides not to fix or change the paintings of the participants. It doesn't matter if things aren't in the right place. The fun is in the process, not the finished piece.

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