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Turkey Art Project

Great project for people with Alzheimers. They love how the colors blend when dropped on watercolor paper.


watercolor paper

brown and black construction paper

black markers

googly eyes

watercolor brushes


glue sticks


Before class

Make your own art piece first. ( It is good to have something to show reminding them along the way what they are doing).

Draw feather shapes, feet , beak and waddle on back of watercolor paper with black permanent marker

Precut turkey body

During Class

Hand out watercolor paper and have them sign their names on side of pre-drawn feathers. Flip paper over.

Drop dots from squeeze bottle of liquid watercolors red, yellow, orange, and mangenta.

Let them touch the dots with their brush and make any design they are inclined to do.

Put aside to dry.

Give each person a brown piece of construction paper.

Sign the back.

Flip over and glue turkey body on paper leaving 2 inches from bottom.

Glue googly eyes.

Set aside.

Take dried watercolor paper and cut out shapes

Draw spine of feather with black marker

Fold feather in half along spine

Take away cuttings and have them glue feathers all around turkey head.

Save two small feathers for wings, glue along side of turkey body

Glue beak, feat and waddle

Show off to class

Thoughts: You can revise to make the project less intensive by cutting the leaves ahead of time and painting each leaf.

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