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Birds of a Feather

What a beautiful project for people with Alzheimer's. They were all smiling at their results.


Photo of birds printed on cardstock. See below.

Dick Blick Liquid watercolors

Watercolor brushes

Googly eyes

Craft Feathers

Light colored oil pastel or crayons

Black Construction Paper


Elmers glue


1. Print out one image of birds for each person

2. Have them paint the birds with warm colors first. Then put warms away and bring out the cool colors. (If you don't do this step, they will mix all the colors and make gray.

3. Cut out birds. (Volunteers are helpful here).

4. Glue birds to black construction paper.

5. Draw branch with light crayon or oil pastel.

6. Let them choose 4 to 6 feathers and apply with glue.

7. Glue googly eyes.

8. Have them name their birds.

9. Hold up each persons work and praise.


As always, a lot of assistance is necessary. Go at a slow pace. They are not in a hurry. At each step I show them my finished birds and remind them what we are doing. I ask, what is missing as I show them my birds. I also like to sing or hum tunes that they would know. They always join in. Remember to laugh and have fun and smile a lot. If you are smiling, they are smiling. This project should take 45 minutes to 60 minutes. Don't forget to comment below. Thanks!

Below are the works of the participants with Alzheimer's.

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