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I met Lek & Sowat, two urban street artist's in April 2022. These two men share a common taste for Urbex or Urban Exploration. Urban exploration is the art of finding and creating things in abandoned places.

They were planning to exhibit at the Grognard Museum near my home in France. Local

artist's were asked to come and create alongside Lek & Sowat as they installed their show.

I decided to paint their portrait in a style that was a nod to their aesthetic.

My portrait was displayed in the museum along with the Lek & Sowat exhibit allowing the public to appreciate the collaboration.

Kim Weissenborn exhibits at the Grognard Museum

After the exhibit Lek & Sowat asked to trade one of their works for my portrait.

Lek & Sowat receiving Kim Weissenborn's painting.

As they are far more famous than me, I agreed.

Lek and Sowat offering their painting in trade for Kim's portrait of them.
Lek and Sowat offering their painting to Kim.



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