This is a collection of paintings created by the fabulous artists taking my classes.The order of the artist's work is based on the order that their work was submitted for this exhibit.

Barb Stone

Kathleen Hazel  You are never too old to learn!

Jane Levinsky What Art Is To Me: A wonderful window to our senses, feelings and emotions.  Without art I feel empty.  Art is such a way to express ourselves when words are hard to find.

Jan Newcombe  I didn't choose to create art, it chose me.

Jen Berlin My intention is to capture beauty and evoke a sense of joy through the use of light and colorful washes.

Nancy Dudley  “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” ---Thomas MertonThe experience of making art just gets better and more enjoyable---and I would hope my artwork conveys that too!

Cathy Pollock Never Postpone Joy”.... PAINT.

Gwen McNenny   I’m a loose painter which gives me the freedom, to some extent, to allow whatever media I’m using to flow and shape a piece as spirit dictates.

Judy Anglada This so-called artist is not very good at matching colors.