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Explore the Masters

Exploring The Masters:

$120 /monthly 

Join artist Kim Weissenborn live on Mondays, once a week, and embark on a exciting journey to learn from the Childe Hassam, Monet, Sargeant and more! Kim will teach you step by step each stage of the featured artist's painting process in watercolor. By copying the masters, you will develop a storehouse of knowledge about technique, brush work and color that you can utilize in your own paintings. Each session is an hour.

Exploring the Masters

What to expect

Purchase the lesson or lessons you wish to take. After that will be given a private member link that will allow you to enter the classroom live and watch the recording after the class has been aired. You will also recieve a reference photo via email along with a supply list for the class you have chosen.


After opening the link on the scheduled day you will  participate in a live class with Kim and fellow students. You can ask questions via text. Kim will demonstrate step by step the the painting process. After each step, you will have time to paint.


During your live streaming sessions, you will learn the steps to creating a beautiful master painting. You will explore color mixing, brushwork, mixing on the paper, and the secrets of layering washes to create more depth.  

Part one: Kim will introduce you to the master artist.  We will begin by mixing colors. Next you will practice some techniques. Then you will paint your first wash, the underpainting. Kim will take you step by step throught eaxh process answering questions as we go.

Part two: You will complete the painting in stages.
At the end we will have a question and answer time along with critique.
Kim will answer any questions you have in real-time and you'll finish the session with a beautiful watercolor emulating a master artist. You will be able to apply your learned skills to continue painting at home.


Each lesson is loaded with  great content taught by Kim Weissenborn, a renknowned watercolor teacher with 30 years experience. 

What level is this class?

You will need a basic understanding of watercolor. 

This class will be recorded and available for your viewing after the live episodes.

Wake Up Watercolor

Wake Up Watercolor:

$60 /monthly 

Spend 30 minutes with Kim every Wednesday morning. Kim will demonstrate one useful technique for you to practice and master.  Ask questions, show your work and get instant feedback and guidance.  Below are some of the topics that will be covered. Suscribe monthly. A recording of the class will be available to all members of this course after the live lesson has aired.

Photo on 3-21-20 at 5.53 PM #2.jpg

"My goal for each student is to have the confidence to express who they are in each of their paintings. Each persons creative expression is valuable." Kim

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