Exposition Lek & Sowat, Atelier Grognard

2022 Exhibition at Atelier Grognard  Rueil Malmaison, France

American artist, Kim Weissenborn, is best known for her contemporary impressionist portrait and figurative paintings. She first became interested in art at  the age of 7 after she drew a good likeness of her younger brother. Shortly after graduating Parsons School of Design in New York, she began painting portraits on commission, and exhibiting her paintings. Many of Kim’s paintings consist of figures with an emphasis on storytelling. She draws inspiration for her figurative work from her love of fashion, her training as an illustrator and earlier artists like Egon Schiele, Edvard Munch, Winslow Homer , Pierre Bonnard, Claude Monet, Mary Cassat, Alice Neal, and Maurice Prendergast. Many of Kim's paintings depict captured moments in time, drawing on the emotional aspect of the scene. Kim has been a professional Artist and art teacher for over 40 years. Currently residing in France, Kim continues to paint and exhibit her work. She 
hosts artist workshops in France and has a YouTube channel, which features her painting lessons.


I am a painter.  Painting affords me an ease of expression that other mediums don’t. The brush, becomes an extension of my arm, quickly translating my ideas onto a surface. The first brush strokes are the purest expression of my intent and contain the most authentic energy, which is why I  sometimes leave my work raw or unfinished. I start with a plan and sometimes abandon that plan. Using a variety of tools, some unconventional, I wipe out whole areas, bring them back, then sometimes wipe them out again. I rely heavily on line, movement, light and texture to create expression and mood. My subject matter is often figurative, but not entirely so. It is easiest for me to find the story in a figure or face. Without a story it is difficult to find inspiration. I lose myself inside the painting and become my subject matter. I believe this is why my paintings have an emotive quality. For me, it is all about emotion, because with emotion a story emerges. My hope is that my paintings make a connection with the viewer compelling them to create their own personal narrative.



Chapelle Saint-Léonard, Croissy, France 2022

Atelier Grognard Museum Paris, France 2022

M.Maison Gallery Vero Beach, FL USA 2020

Legends Gallery Chatham, NJ USA 2019

Christ Church Vero Beach FL USA 2017

Vero Beach Museum USA 2015

Vero Beach Museum USA 2014

Vero Beach Museum USA 2012

Monterey Virginia USA 2002

Martha Lincoln Gallery FL 1999


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