Kim comes from a family steeped in the fine arts. Her grandmother and her great aunts were in Vaudeville. One of those great aunts was the first violinist in the Palm Beach Symphony. Her grandfather was the conductor of the St. Louis Symphony, and her mother and sister are writers. Kim, a shy youngster, found solace in pencil-sketching her family at the tender age of 7. 

When she turned 16, at her mother’s insistence, Kim started private watercolor lessons in the small New Jersey town where they lived.“The art course was a revelation,” Kim says. “I loved my teacher. I took lessons for years while attending school. In New York City. Kim attended Parsons School of Design, graduating with a bachelor’s in fine arts. Having started with a major in fashion illustration, she switched to general illustration. Kim roomed with four other girls in the Village. She experimented and painted with every possible medium but always felt more comfortable with watercolors. Upon graduating, Kim began illustrating book covers, and children’s books. Kim illustrated a children’s book called PANSY AT THE PALACE, available now on Amazon.  Kim's love of the face and figure portrayed in her watery flowy style, have inspired many portrait commissions. Due to her training in illustration, Kim likes to infuse whimsy, charm and sometimes even drama into each watercolor painting. Kim Weissenborn's paintings are exhibited in private homes and galleries across North America., South America and Europe. 

Currently, Kim resides in Paris, France. Kim  hosts Travel Adventures, a moving watercolor workshop where adults travel with Kim and record their experiences in paint. Kim also has a Youtube channel, featuring watercolor lessons.


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Kim Weissenborn is an artist whose paintings captivate the soul with whimsy, charm and often drama It is precisely her fusion of color, wet into wet paint, quick dancing brushstrokes and whimsical story telling, that has produced such a rich, expressive and truly powerful body of work. 


"I love watercolor. When I paint, I am not as interested in painting the subject as I am in painting shape, color, line, movement and mood. Working fast and on a tilt, I can lose control. The loss of control is key. Watercolor has a mind of its own. It is best to let the paint do its thing, while simultaneously doing my thing. There is a unique partnership between artist and watercolor that does not occur in any other medium. Not understanding this can cause a lot of frustration" 

-Kim Weissenborn