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Kim Weissenborn standing next to her painting of Lek and Sowat. at the Atelier Grognard in Rueil Malmaison, France.

2022 Exhibition at Atelier Grognard Museum  Paris, France


American female artist, Kim Weissenborn was born on May 25, 1959 in St. Louis Missouri. Kim received a BFA at Parsons School of Design in New York in 1983. Her work is exhibited throughout the US, France and Bolivia. Kim's paintings are often figurative with an emphasis on storytelling. She draws inspiration from her own  desire to identify with and connect to others.  Kim has been a professional Artist, art teacher and children's book illustrator for over 40 years. A resident of Florida, Kim lives part of the year in Paris, painting in her studio overlooking the Seine River. She hosts artist workshops in Normandy, France.


I want to connect with the viewer, and let them know that they are seen. In being seen, they might get a sense of belonging, In belonging they might feel safe and at peace.  I work from photos I have taken which speak to me about love, longing, connection, isolation, vulnerability, loneliness, etc. Emotions are the bridge that connects me to the viewer.

I am a storyteller, My collected photos along with  the paint brush and palette knife are some of the tools I use to create my paintings. Working in oil gives me the freedom to explore without fear. I can change direction as often as I want to. In fact, the more layers and visible struggle I have on the canvas, the richer and more intriguing the painting becomes. Working from photos, I sketch the  scene onto the canvas with monochromatic acrylic paint. Searching for a strong composition, I turn the canvas upside down and sideways making changes. At this point, I veer from the photo in order to enhance the design or narrative. Next,. I apply the oil paint in large strokes, blocking in the basic shapes and colors. Working alla prima (wet into wet),  I continue to turn the canvas around focusing on the compositional structure. I don't stop to rest until I am finished. This can take many hours. The next day I may go back in to make changes or reinforce the narrative.  I am never fully sure what I am looking for.  Most of my process is purely intuitive.  Some paintings finish early, even before I apply the oil paint is applied. Some take days or even months. 


"Come, journey into my world. Let me show you that you are  important. You are beautiful. You are acceptable. Allow my atmosphere to envelope you. Come to the present where real life exists. Find peace and solace within my 4 corners. You were in your world. Now we are in our world, and we are true friends. Our love will be timeless. Now we see each other and we are one." __My Paintings


Vero Beach Museum,Treasure Coast Creates 2023

Chapelle Saint-Léonard, Croissy, France 2022

Atelier Grognard Museum Paris, France 2022

M.Maison Gallery Vero Beach, FL USA 2020

Legends Gallery Chatham, NJ USA 2019

Christ Church Vero Beach FL USA 2017

Vero Beach Museum USA 2015

Vero Beach Museum USA 2014

Vero Beach Museum USA 2012

Monterey Virginia USA 2002

Martha Lincoln Gallery FL 1999


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