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Halloween Masks

Make Paper Mache Masks from Milk bottles. Only two weeks before Halloween and the teens from DATA (Drug Rehabilitation Treatment Assoc.) needed to have masks for an upcoming Halloween Party. The usual balloon structure wasn’t going to cut it in this limited time frame. I went on line and found that gallon sized milk jugs make for great paper mache masks. I had to go around the neighborhood to collect 18 jugs. No easy task rinsing them all out so they didn’t smell like sour milk. I cut them in half and found that either side worked depending on the mask you wanted to make. I tried with my 21 year old son to make one before hand so I could work out all the potential problems. First we sculpted the halved jugs with crumpled newspaper and masking tape and cut pieces out of the jug for ears with an exacto knife. Next we covered the sculpted face with strips of newspaper dipped in a mixture of flour and water. We left them to dry overnight and then painted on the finished form with acyrlic paint. I coated the mask with a shiny gloss varnish just because I like things that are shiny. Then I went to DATA and used this same process with the kids. I didn’t anticipate them all needing my help at the same time. It was very challenging. If only I had invited my adult students to come and help. The next day the kids arrived at the museum to paint their masks and fortunately the adults students were there to help. Below are the their completed masks. (photos by Marlene Mayfield, one of my senior students).

Step 1 - Mold wolf face with newspaper and masking tape, cut plastic pieces for ears and tape on jug.

Step 2 - Cover with wet newspaper, smooth and air dry.


Gallon Milk Carton

xacto knife





acrylic paint


gloss varnish spray

masking tape

elastic to attach to back to fit mask on face

Student Masks

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