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Paper Quilling

How to Curl Paper - This week I visited the Data Program. Data is a rehabilitation home for teens struggling with addiction. I taught them and myself how to curl paper otherwise known as Paper Quilling. During the Renaissance, French and Italian nuns and monks used Paper Quilling to decorate book covers and religious items. Paper Quilling often imitated the original ironwork of the day. for more information on quilling visit

I gave the teens a guide showing simple Paper Quilling shapes. They got right to it and created some pretty amazing designs. Below you will find the supplies we used, a guide for Paper Quilling shape designs, and the wonderful designs the kids came up with.


White Paper Cut into Strips on the Vertical 3/4″ or 1″ wide.

Glue poured onto paper plates for dipping

Long thin wooden barbeque skewer or chopstick

Colorful Construction Paper for mounting quilled paper


Marker for writing words


1)Put your name on colored paper before beginning

2)Curl Paper Strips around skewer. When curled remove and release coil slightly.

3) Pinch coil into shapes shown on shape chart below

4) glue the loose end closed to secure shape

5) Dip shape into glue, place onto colored paper

Paper Quilling Shape Chart:

Quilling Shapes

​Student Work

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