How to download a photo off the internet

September 4, 2016

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A lot of you have been asking how to get photos off the internet to use for paintings. Here is how to do it. Google specifically what you are looking for, for example, girl with curly hair. When the various selections come up there will be a list at the top of the selections that reads web, images, maps, shopping, videos, more. Click on images and all the images of a girl with curly hair will come up. When you find an image you would like to paint, click on it. Hopefully it will be larger. If it is larger instead of clicking on the left hand of your mouse, click on the right hand button. About 14 options for the picture you selected will appear. Left click on the save images as option. A screen will pop up wanting you to select a place to store the picture. I store my pictures in pictures. I have many files in pictures. You can create a file for your internet photos and label it. Mine is called "Watercolor Idea Photos". When you go into your file to see the picture you saved, you can print it out or paint directly from your computer. Good Luck. Let me know how it turns out.

For the Mac, it is easier. I click on the image and drag it to my photos icon. Not all photos will allow this but most will. 


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