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Chinese Lantern Project

I made these lanterns at the request of Mary from the Senior Resource Association in Vero Beach, Florida. It is the new year after all and it motivated me to research how the Chinese celebrate their New Years Lantern Festival. I was surprised to see that they have some curious traditions. They are a superstitious people and believe the color red means good luck. Needless to say, a lot of red underwear is sold during the New Years Lantern Festival.

Here is a list of supplies and instruction on how to make these beautiful lanterns.


  • 1 - 8 ½” x 11” White Card Stock per person

  • 1 - 8 ½” x 11” Red Tissue paper per person

  • 1 Glue stick per person

  • 1 tacky glue per table

  • 1 Scissor per person

  • 1 Stapler per table

  • 1 Stamp & ink pad per person

  • 1 Glitter glue pen per person

  • 1 Instruction sheet per table

  • 1 Sheet of riddles per table

  • special design making scissors ( 2 per table)

  • 4 black marker per table

  • heavy string for hanging all lanterns at once for display

  • small rectangles of red construction paper

  • Chinese music


  1. With glue stick, cover completely one side of white paper with glue.

  2. Center and adhere red tissue paper to sticky side of white cardstock.

  3. Flip over so that white side of paper is facing you.

  4. Pick a stamp and press onto ink pad and then press onto white paper filling the page with your stamp pattern (Red is a good ink color because in China it means good luck.)

  5. Cut a 1” strip off of the short end of your paper, this will be the handle for your lantern.

  6. You can scallop the edges of your handle with special scissors

  7. Fold your paper in half on the long side, tissue paper inside the fold.

  8. Crease well and cut into the crease just shy of 2 “ from the top. Make about 6 to 8 cuts.

  9. Unfold paper and make a cylinder by stapling the ends together. (you must roll the cylinder on the short side so that the cuts fan out.)

  10. Glue the handle into the top of the lantern with tacky glue

  11. Finish decorating with glitter glue pens

  12. Sign name on the handle with black marker

  13. Hang lanterns on a string stretched from one end of room to other

  14. Ask riddles, (a tradition during this holiday).

  15. Write positive fortune notes on red paper with black marker to pass to friends at table (another typical Chinese new year tradition).

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