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Marc Chagall Stained Glass Windows

Student Work

Marc Chagall Stained Glass Project - This week I went to SRA, the Senior Resource Assoc. in Vero Beach. SRA provides services designed to promote an active, healthy, independent lifestyle for older adults. One a week I provide a fun art project for them to do. This week was Marc Chagall stained glass windows. Marc Chagall was a Russian jew, who used memories from his childhood for imagery in his paintings. Much of his inspiration was from his religious upbringing. His stained glass windows are displayed all over the world.

Photo of Marc Chagall's Stained Glass Window

For me a stained glass window is a transparent partition between my heart and the heart of the world. Stained glass has to be serious and passionate. It is something elevating and exhilarating. It has to live through the perception of light. To read the Bible is to perceive a certain light, and the window has to make this obvious through its simplicity and grace... The thoughts have nested in me for many years, since the time when my feet walked on the Holy Land, when I prepared myself to create engravings of the Bible. They strengthened me and encouraged me to bring my modest gift to the Jewish people—that people that lived here thousands of years ago, among the other Semitic peoples. - Marc Chagall​


Office Depot super heavy weight sheet protectors

Sharpie Markers Bright Colors Medium & Large Nib

Black Permanent Marker Large Nib

Chalk Markers (Neon Colors)

White copy paper

Clear sheet protectors

Photo of Chagall's Window (above) for inspiration





  1. Draw in black Marker a stained glass window shape on sheet protector. Flip protector over and trace onto back side of sheet. (LOOK AT PHOTO BELOW)

  2. Cut sheet protector edges so that they can separate into two sheets.

  3. Trace onto other protectors for the number of students attending.


  1. Give talk about Chagall

  2. Show examples of other students work.

  3. Hand out templates with window shape.

  4. Hand out white copy paper to place under template for better visibility.

  5. Hand out black markers first and have students divide up the space inside the window shape.

  6. Encourage them to make images from memories.

  7. When black is complete, flip over template and color on the back side to keep colors from being tainted with black marker.

  8. Color with Markers.

  9. Sign name when complete.

Student Work

We hung them in the window.

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