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Paint Fur

How to paint a Furry Cat in Watercolor

Teacher's Demos

Another demo with less detail. I prefer this one.

Photo reference taken from internet

  1. Draw a rectangle on drawing paper.Use negative space (the space that is not the cat, ie. background shapes) to help place him into the rectangle.


Demo of Drawing

2. Transfer to arches 140lb. watercolor paper by placing drawing on window letting light shine through to watercolor paper.

3. Place liquid mask in eyes to keep white

4.Mix 3 colors (Ultramarine blue, Alizarin Crimson, Aureolin Yellow)

5.Test colors first on separate watercolor paper and practice mixing until you have all the colors of the cat.

6.Wet paper beyond area you will be painting with big brush.

7. Paint cat with DRY brush of pure pigment little water, strong dark colors to get fuzzy effect.

8. Continue to form darks and lights on cat.

9. Let dry.

Demo of wet on wet to achieve fuzzy effect.


Students 1st wash

B Student attempt

C Student attempt

10. Details in face only

11. Remove liquid mask with rubber remover.

12. Paint iris first in two values.

13. While wet, paint pupil and eyeliner with dry dark paint. 14. 14. Make sure you let some line in the eye disappear. A complete outline of eye looks cartoony.

15. Use white to make a highlight if necessary.

Cat Eye Demos

Cat Eye Demo

Cat Eye Demo

16. Finish using titanium white and fine detail brush for whiskers.

Student Work

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