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Degas Ballerinas

Make Ballerinas inspired by Edgar Degas-

Degas Ballerina Art Project

This art activity is perfect for kids and seniors with alzheimer's disease. I wanted to find a figure activity and thought that Edgar Degas would be the perfect artist to showcase while making movable ballerinas.


  • History on Degas to share with group

  • Template of ballerina on card stock

  • Scissors

  • Markers or colored pencil

  • Small 1/2" brads

  • Hole punch

  • Tacky Glue

  • Tissue paper

Template for Ballerina (right click and save or drag to photo file.


  1. Show photos of ballerinas observing the poses and colors.

  2. Talk about Degas and his life

  3. Pass out template of ballerina

  4. Have the students cut out ballerina body parts

  5. Punch holes through the black dots on template with hole punch.

  6. Place brads through holes to secure legs and arms

  7. Color and decorate ballerina

  8. Add tissue paper tutu and head piece by pinching tissue on one end creating a fan shape. Glue right at skinny part at the waist.

  9. Talk about Degas' life while working.

  10. Play the nutcracker during lesson.


I was concerned that the men in the group would not enjoy this project, but they seemed very focused on the cutting and decorating. I was surprised at how much they enjoyed working on this and were happy not only with the process but also with the final product.

Degas Ballerina Art Project

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