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Andy Warhol Handprints

Andy Warhol Hand Prints

Art Project-

Andy Warhol was a pop artist. He came up with the concept of using mass-produced commercial goods in his art. He called it Pop Art. Pop art is art based on modern popular culture and the mass media, especially as a critical or ironic comment on traditional fine art values.He would use commercial images and reproduce them over and over. One early example of this was a series on Campbell's Soup cans. In one painting he had two hundred Campbell's soup cans repeated over and over. Andy often used silkscreen and lithography to create his pictures.

Famous People Andy also used pictures of famous people. He would repeat the same portrait over and over, but use different colors and effects in each picture. Some of the celebrities he had as subjects include Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor.

Andy soon became a very famous celebrity himself. He opened a new studio called "The Factory". He not only worked on his art there, but had large parties with wealthy and famous people. It became one of the cool places to be in New York City. Andy was also selling a lot of his art. Legacy Andy was a different kind of artist. While many artists focused entirely on their art with no interest in personal fame or fortune, Andy wanted to be rich and famous. Some artists accused him of making art in order to make money. However, many of the images he created have become iconic in American culture. His paintings have grown in value as well. One of his portraits called Eight Elvises sold for $100 million in 2008. Despite having made a lot of money off of his art, Andy can also be credited with bringing art to the masses. He would mass produce prints of his art so it was affordable to everyone.


  • Black Construction Paper

  • Colored Construction paper

  • White test paper

  • Scissors

  • Pencil

  • Black Markers

  • Black Tempera Paint

  • Paper Plate (plastic coated)

  • Wipes

  • Glue sticks

  • Doctor gloves

  • paper clips

  • A roll of paper towel dampened with water


  1. Start with large piece of construction paper 18" x 12"

  2. Select 8 different colors of bright paper 8" x 6"

  3. glue 4 sheets onto black paper.

  4. Sign Name.

  5. Set Aside.

  6. Using black marker, trace hand onto one of the remaining 4 colorful sheets of paper.

  7. Paper Clip colored sheets behind traced hand.

  8. Paper clip the sheets together over the bottom of the hand so that you can cut freely without obstruction.

  9. Cut out hand in 4 different colors.

  10. Flip over and put an x on the back

  11. Glue hands onto preferred colored sheets (x side down) attached to black construction paper.

  12. Put glove onto hand that will get painted

  13. Smear gloved hand into black paint, making sure all fingers and hand have enough paint on them.

  14. Place hand over print without moving fingers.

  15. Lift

  16. Press over two hand cutouts, re-dip, repeat.

  17. Remove glove and clean hands with wet paper towel if necessary

  18. Let paintings dry.

Below are examples.


  • It was difficult to cut through 4 sheets of paper at a time. I would suggest only two at a time.

  • When gloved hands went into paint, it sometimes helped to test print a few times on white test paper first to get the hang of it.

  • The doctor gloves were a bit tight on the men. I used medium which worked for all the ladies and some men. Large would have been good to have too.

  • Less paint in the dish seemed to work best. Too much resulted in gloopy prints.

  • The seniors loved this project. They exuded a rebellious euphoria when it came time to dip their gloved hand into the black paint.

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