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Rainbow Graphic

Rainbow Graphic Art Project for Kids

I love this project. This is a fun colorful project to do at the beginning of spring.It is a great one to do with people that have limited mobility or Alzheimer's. Color has a miraculous cheering ability. Dick Blick's Liquid watercolors are so bright and pretty, a joy to work with. Be prepared for a lot of ooooh's, and ahhhhh's. .


  • Watercolor paper

  • Brushes #12

  • Liquid watercolors (Dick Blick)

  • Red, orange, yellow, blue, green, purple

  • Water container

  • Black construction paper larger than the watercolor paper

  • Scissors

  • Black Marker

  • Glue Sticks


  1. One watercolor paper draw a pattern across the paper vertically

  2. Put name on paper

  3. Flip over the paper and turn it horizontal.

  4. Make colored stripes in the order of the rainbow about 1 1/2 " thick.

  5. Set aside to dry

  6. Clean table

  7. Have students finish the sentence "Rainbows ......"

  8. Write their quotes and sign their name on a piece of white paper 1" x 3" and glue to black paper.

  9. Bring back the dried watercolor rainbows and cut along the black lines glue on black paper between each cut. (This ensures the pieces fit together in the right order).

  10. Sometimes you have to remove one piece to help it fit better.

  11. Read the quotes to the class while showing their work.

Examples below


  • The time it takes the watercolors to dry is best done while writing the quotes. It takes about 15 - 30 minutes for drying. The paper can be cut wet, but it is less sturdy when wet.

  • Make sure they draw the pattern on the vertical and paint the rainbow on the horizontal to get the most interesting patterns.

  • They ended up putting together the pieces in the wrong order but it still looks great.

  • I find you have to teach it and then let them do it the way they want to. The purpose is to enjoy the process of creating. The outcome is always a pleasant surprise.

  • I put the watercolors in plastic condiment cups with lids that i bought at Walmart. I labeled them with a permanent marker so that I could know what color is in each one. This helped spread the color out over 20 people.

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