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Surrealism Study

Magritte inspired art project.

Magritte was a surrealist who was best known for his witty and thought-provoking images and his use of simple graphics and everyday imagery.This project is perfect for kids and teens. It did not go well with people with Alzheimer's, I think they are kind of living in a surreal world and this confusing to them. I used the artist Magritte as my muse. His paintings are very intriguing and spark some interesting discussion. I got this lesson off of Pinterest. This is a great site for ideas.


  • 2 Sheets of watercolor paper on the vertical

  • brushes

  • watercolors

  • tempura paint (white sky blue, black)

  • wet paper towel roll for clouds (Viva Towels are the best).

  • water container

  • tape

  • scissors

  • glue

  • marker

  • bird template

  • Magritte art samples

  • Magritte bio


On one sheet of watercolor paper, trace a bird with black marker.

Sign name on same side as tracing

Flip over

Paint whole sheet in sky blue

With wet tissue wipe out color to form clouds about 1/2" between each cloud

Put aside to dry

On next sheet write name.

Flip over

Paint this side in night sky colors using horizontal strokes, make stars. Put land at bottom in black.

Put aside to dry.

Clean table.

Return cloud painting and have them cut out bird on black lines.

Return night sky painting and have them glue bird to night painting in center of sky.

Show paintings and review the artist.


This wasn't a favorite with the people with Alzheimer's. I am not sure whether it was the lack of color or the weirdness of the subject matter, maybe both. They seemed to be confused through the whole process. I think they were not expecting the result they got. I on the other hand, loved the results. It could be they will like their pictures better on second glance. It is however a great lesson on surrealism.

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