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Paint the Horse

Paint the Horse in Watercolor-

This horse was painted from photograph

Photo of horse from internet.

found on the internet. I started with good drawing. The eyes and the nose were hard to see, so I got some clear photos of horse's eyes and nose from the internet and practiced drawing and painting until I understood the anatomy better. Below is a sample of my practice.

Next I practiced the mane to see how I would handle the soft wavy fur. I used a lot of water on a tilt to accomplish the look. One of my students filmed me while I painted (see below).

On a tilt letting water drip down.

Once I had the problems resolved I started to paint. I start mostly wet on wet working the background and foreground at the same time allowing the two to be married. I try to work the whole picture, not completing one area more than another. The detail should be reserved for the face only in order to draw the eye there.

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