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Crumpled Paper Fall Trees

How to make crumpled paper Trees.

Crumpled Paper Fall Trees

This is a great art project for people with Alzheimer's dementia.

You can alter this to simplify, making it less stressful. Just make the cutout tree beforehand. My group loved this. Crumpling the paper made them feel empowered, something they feel less and less of as this disease progresses. I like to play music while they work. "Autumn leaves" by Nat King Cole, "Autumn in New York" by Frank Sinatra and "Early Autumn" by Johnny Mathis. I stream it off youtube on my phone and connect my phone to a wireless speaker via bluetooth.


Black Markers


Black or Brown Construction Paper

Copy paper 50 Sheets (2 Sheets per person)

Watercolors Sky blue and fall colors

Brushes (1 per person)

water container (1 per 2 person)

Glue sticks

Charged Music Speaker

Charged Cell phone

Crumple Paper Fall Trees


Making the Trunk

  1. Hand out white copy paper, black markers and glue stick, blue paint, brushes

  2. Put initials on bottom of both

  3. On white paper, draw tree trunk from bottom stopping 1/4 below top of paper (wider to narrow, hole, bark)

  4. carefully cut on lines to cut out tree only

  5. throw away the tree cut out

  6. crumple left over white cut

  7. carefully smooth out crumple

  8. paint sky blue over whole paper

  9. blot dry with paper towel

  10. 10.lay over brown construction paper. The tree becomes a brown (see illustration

  11. 11.Glue together

  12. 12.Set aside

Making the Leaves

1. Hand out Paints, brushes, white paper. water, paper towels

2. Crumple Paper

3. Un-crumple and paint in 3 colors

4. Tear into many pieces (make sure they are unequal sizes)

5. Arrange onto trunk

6. Pass out Glue cups and brushes

7. When satisfied, glue onto trunk

8. Hang and admire

Before I begin I ask them what their favorite season is. I ask them what Autumn looks like. I take them through this project slowly and step by step. Remember to have fun. I like to tell them that each piece should look different because they are different. This guards against any feelings of inadequacy. It is important to reassure them that they are doing well even if they are off the track entirely and not even making a tree.

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