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Mosaic Pumpkin

For people with Alzheimer's, a pumpkin is an easy symbol to conjure up from the memory bank, making it a breeze to celebrate and make art. I begin by asking the participants what things we see on Halloween. They come up with a few things, witches, candy, etc. . I show my sample pumpkin and explain that we will be doing a mosaic of a pumpkin.


1. Hand out orange paper and have them cut pieces (Cut pieces ahead of time for those that cannot use scissors) Fold paper to get double the cuts.

2. Hand out black paper with chalk have them draw a big pumpkin shape.

3. Have them wipe glue stick all over the pumpkin shape.

4. Press down orange pieces until pumkin is covered.

*Encourage them to fit pieces next to each other and not overlap but be careful not to discourage with too much instruction.

5. Cut yellow triangles for eyes, nose and mouth.

6. Cut green pieces for top

7. Glue down

8. Sign name

Show them off to each other

*If you need to fill in the time, add orange and green glitter or put blue pieces in background.


Sample Pumpkin Art Piece to show

Orange construction paper

Green paper

Yellow paper

Black Paper

Blue Paper


Glue stick


Glitter (orange, green)

Thoughts: Sometimes those with Alzheimer's can't make the connection from thought to hand. It is good to gently assist them to grasp the paper and guide their hand in the process of pressing the paper onto the glued surface.

Once the motion is made, they can sometimes continue for a while.

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