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VanGogh Starry Night Project

VanGogh is an artist who is famous enough that some will remember his name. I like to do a project on one of his paintings because his style is so forgiving and fun.


Brown and Black/Gray construction paper

Pastels - blue, yellow, black, gray, white

Glue Elmers or Tacky



1. Cut out silhouette of foreground in black or gray paper4.

2. Draw shape of tree and church in chalk so the participants can visualize the scene better.

3. Show VanGogh's painting of Starry Night.

4. Ask questions about painting to get the participants familiar with the features of the paintingl

5. Hand out brown paper and have them put their name on back.

6. Show them the finished piece that you did. Tell them that they will do something like this but hopefully different.

7. Have them make stars all over paper with yellow pastel.

8. Next have them fill in blue around the stars.

9. Have them glue the silhouette onto the starry sky.

10. Next draw onto the black with light gray and yellow for lights in the city.

11. Finish with white.

12. Show their works and delight in the variety.

Thoughts: Let the participants make any marks they want. The results are amazing. This didn't take a full hour. I would need to add more time to the discussion about VanGogh to stretch out the time.

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