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Winter Landscape

People with Alzheimer's love this project.

I am consistently thinking of ways to simplify my art projects so that the lovely people I work with can feel good through the whole process. This was a huge success because I went step by step and did much of the cutting myself ahead of time.


Cut out moon from white paper and glue to dark blue construction paper with glue stick.

Students draw spiral around moon with white colored pencil.

Before Class: tear three pieces of paper, each one smaller than the next, black, medium blue and white and glue to black paper.

Have participants glue darkest sheet onto dark blue paper first.

Glue lighter blue sheet over dark blue sheet.

Glue white sheet over blue sheet lining up with the bottom.

Before class :Cut out snowman, hat and carrot nose. Have participants glue to scene making sure the snowman bottom is on the white torn sheet.

Great Job!


You can modify and do this with kids too. I would let the kids do their own cutting and tearing. Below are examples of the kids work in acrylic paint.

Color shadow on snowman body and ground under snowman. Put eyes, mouth and arms on with black marker.

Finish by putting snow dots on with the wrong end of paint brush dipped in white paint. Sprinkle with iridescent glitter for a thrilling surprise.

This was great fun for the participants. It wasn't too complicated and it was fun to see their excitement grow after each step. A snowman makes everyone happy.


Construction paper dark blue, light blue, black and white

glue stick

white acrylic paint


black marker


iridescent glitter

colored pencil white and blue

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