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Paper Plate Flowers

Gorgeous results from people with Alzheimer's.

These are made from paper plates! I wanted to use what I had around the house. I was amazed at the results.


Paper plates, the cheap kind, 3 per participant

Staple gun



Water for rinsing

Black Construction Paper


Tacky Glue or Elmers


1. Precut big flower, medium flower, small flower and two leaves except for the smallest center flower.

2. Hand out paper plate with small flower and have them paint it in pinks and reds and purples.

3.Hand out biggest flower shape next and have them paint it with pinks and reds.

4. Hand out middle flower next and have them paint it in oranges and yellows.

4. On biggest flower, staple two petals together to make the flower close slightly.

5. On middle flower, staple two petals together to get the same effect as first.

6. On the smallest flower staple two petals together to continue the raised effect.

7. Staple all three flowers together through center.

8. Have them paint the leaves in green.

9. Staple leaves to big flower

10. Put a blob of glue in center and have them pour sequins on top. This always brings a smile.

11. Glue onto black construction paper.

12. Hold up each flower and praise.


Use the whole paper plate for the big flower and change the flower shape from rounded to pointy to rounded as you change size. I put several paper plates together to cut and I use hefty scissors.

It is important to keep colors separate so they don't get combined and turn gray. I put them in those plastic cups with lids that you get at Walmart for take out salad dressing. It is found in the paper plate section of the store. You will need volunteers to help with the stapling. This turned out so much better than I dreamed of. It was actually shocking how beautiful they were. Please don't forget to give me feedback below. Thanks!

Below are the designs of the participants with Alzheimers.



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